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Please take a minute to put your name to this letter to medical Royal Colleges here, which Dr David Wrigley has organised.

For background about why this important, you could read this short article.

Please note that ‘medical Royal Colleges’ does not include the Royal Colleges of Nursing, Midwives, or Speech and Language Therapists – see ‘Professional Associations’.

If you have more time:
Please write to members of the House of Lords, stressing your own professional experience, and asking them to vote against the regulations on 24 April. For more information and contact details for Peers, see here.

You could also write to the newspapers, and to your professional magazines and journals.

And finally, you could write directly to the head of your Royal College, asking them to strongly oppose the NHS Privatisation Regulations. In particular, ask them if they will:
• lobby the House of Lords to vote to annul the NHS Privatisation Regulations in parliament on 24th April
• publicly call on government to withdraw the Regulations
• share this information with their members and encourage them to speak out.

Their contact details are:
Royal College of Physicians Sir Richard Thompson richard.thompson[at]

Royal College of GPs Clare Gerada president[at]

Royal College of Surgeons Professor Norman Williams president[at]

Royal College of Psychiatrists Professor Sue Bailey sbailey[at]

Royal College of Pathologists Dr Archie Prentice Archie.Prentice[at]

Royal College of Paediatrics Dr Hilary Cass president[at]

Royal College of Obs & Gynae Dr Anthony Falconer president[at]

Royal College of Opthamologists Professor Harminder Dua president[at]

Royal College of Radiologists Jane Barrett president[at]

Royal College of Anaesthetists Dr Jean-Pierre van Besouw president[at]

Faculty of Occupational Medicine Dr Olivia Carlton president[at]

Faculty of Sexual & Reprod Health Dr Chris Wilkinson dhalfnight[at]

Faculty of Public Health Professor Lindsey Davies president[at]

College of Emergency Medicine Mr Mike Clancy mc.prescem[at]


If you work for the NHS, please take a few minutes to speak up now against new NHS Privatisation Regulations, which will be voted on in parliament on 24th April.

These new regulations, made under section 75 of the controversial Health & Social Care Act, break the promises that Ministers made when the Act was going through parliament last year, that ‘there was nothing in the Bill that would promote or permit the transfer of NHS services to the private sector’.

If not overturned in parliament, these new regulations will open the floodgates to the privatisation of virtually every part of the NHS. The drive to turn the NHS into a marketplace has already caused damage, but these regulations would dramatically escalate that damage. They have already been re-written once following a huge outcry from the public and the medical profession, but legal experts and health experts say the re-write is little different. The regulations will still lead to wasteful, expensive tendering, regardless of whether existing NHS providers are doing a good job. It will fragment services, damage patient care, weaken the NHS providers left behind, and undermine staff terms and conditions.

There is still time to stop this. The regulations came into force on 1 April, but are subject to being overturned by a vote in the House of Lords or the House of Commons, this month. The House of Lords will vote on a (highly unusual) ‘fatal motion’ on 24 April.

There are a million people in the UK working for the NHS and providing one of our most precious public services. Please, speak up now to protect the NHS, by taking the actions suggested on this website.

Please also share this information with colleagues, your professional networks, and in your workplace – here is a leaflet you could use (or put up as a poster) – feel free to amend.