You can read an update from the TUC, here.

Please share this information with your colleagues, local representatives and in your workplace. As many union members have already found out, when services go out of the NHS (whether to the private sector or to large charities), staff terms and conditions, and care for patients, are both likely to suffer. These regulations open the floodgates to a much more wholesale sell-off, and people are rightly asking, how much more of this can the NHS take? Can you print off and share this leaflet / poster?

Please write to members of the House of Lords, asking them to vote against the regulations on 24 April. For more information, template letters, and contact details for Peers, see here. Try and personalise letters, and stress your own professional experience – this carries a lot of weight.

Your union branch could also write to the newspapers (local or national).

Finally, contact your union (both locally and nationally), asking them to strongly oppose the NHS Privatisation Regulations. In particular, ask them if they will:
• lobby the House of Lords to vote to annul the NHS Privatisation Regulations in parliament on 24th April
• publicly call on government to withdraw the Regulations
• share this information with their members and encourage them to circulate it very widely.

Find the contact details for your union, below:
Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists
Society of Radiographers
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy